Small Business at The Gentleman’s Expo

Agent-Royale-25846“What was probably one of the coolest small businesses featured at the expo was Agent Royale.  This new business features a husband and wife team with a product that will appeal to men and women from several different walks of life.  Their t-shirts feature an original pattern and have been designed to be completely unique.  These t-shirts feature an organic cotton and Agent Royale prides themselves that everything is 100% Canadian.  These are not your normal shirts, and with the rock and alternative music scene beginning to make a resurgence back to the mainstream these shirts will be the perfect companion for anyone in that scene or who even remembers the lifestyle.  Thus far Agent Royale has found themselves with some major exposure by having their shirt worn by Slash, and even George Stroumboulopoulos.  What has made Agent Royale stand out in our mind though is the fact that they are such wonderful people.  Both Maurizio and Mariana have wonderful and generous personalities and don’t mind giving their time and energy to accommodate those approaching them.  Furthermore, they are so kind to people they come in contact with that they will be the same person whether it is a client or just a random person looking without any real interest.  With that being said however, just by seeing their product, people should appreciate the quality and style of it and know that this is the product for them.                                                                                                                                                                                                  It was wonderful to see some fresh and new products featured at the Gentleman’s Expo.  With new business making a showing it is a great sign of the optimism happening in our markets today.  For those reading this, remember, November 30th is “Shop Local” day.  Be sure to check out some of your local vendors and support them.  If you’re local to us, please check out the above-mentioned products and see if you can help some of the great people we have met along the way.”

Courtesy of Michael Chantler of Love This City TV